About The Daily Practice

As of 2020, TDP is under maintenance mode!

As I focus much more on my primary job, I haven't had the time to continue to work on and invest in improving TDP. For now, it's just in maintnenace mode and I hope to pick it back up some time in the future.

The Daily Practice began in 2011 as tool I built to help me figure out the next chapter of my life. I wasn't happy with where I was working but more importantly, wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had been writing software for various industries for over 10 years and it just felt empty. In an effort to figure out what I wanted to do, I set out on a plan. Except I failed to stick to it.

I realized without holding myself accountable and measuring my progress I would never succeed. I started working on a recurring Practice oriented tracking system and it turned into what you see here.

Listing out items you want to do daily, weekly or on whatever schedule has a huge impact on actually realizing your ambitions. Combining that with tracking and prompting to enter data as to how you're doing it builds positive, life changing habits. The Daily Practice is more than a tool, it's a methodology.

Each day, a simple email will prompt you to enter what you did the day before. A complete historical archive of what you've done can show where you went astray, or re-connect you with life events and work towards improvement. Participants can share various levels of details with their social circle, showing how well (or poor) they're doing in unlocking a new life.

Built by Jay Shirley

TDP is built by Jay Shirley. I'm an engineering manager at Stripe, and passionate about improvement and progress.

Special Thanks

There have been many people who have helped me along the way, especially my wonderful and supportive mother, Tracey, who handles most of the customer service and does a lot of QA. Also a special thanks to Cory Watson, who helps make TDP look better.