Be the best you – one day at a time helps you setup goals on recurring schedules to build awesome habits

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Every day we can accomplish something good. Greatness, however, takes more than a single day. Greatness is nothing more than a habit. Here is a tool to build healthy and constructive habits, unlocking amazing potential for success, health and happiness. Create an account and setup some goals and we email reminders with progress reports.

Jerry Seinfield said it best, “Don't break the chain”.


  • List the habits you want to build.
  • Flexible scheduling: Once a day, every 3 days, etc.
  • Track notes as you go.
  • Get emailed reminders at set or random times
  • Be part of a growing community that do more each and every day.

About TDP

TDP is a Jay Shirley creation, built to help people do more.

TDP is moving to a subscription model, where you can pay either $5 per month or $50 per year. This will also include:

  • Quality Day tracking
  • Full API Access
  • Supporting work on new features

I'll begin updating on Twitter